Friday, August 10, 2018

Animal Information Report

Animal Information Report 
boys and girls today and yesterday I did an Animal report.
and here it is 
Polar Bears

The polar bears belongs to the Ursidae family. Ursidae means big powerful.
And another one is a bear and a Mammal.

They are fluffy white and they are hot blooded.males weigh up to 1,700 pounds. If they stand on their back feet they can be up to ten feet tall. The Polar bears can overheat even though it freezing cold for us. Polar bears actually have black skin and colourless hair. Their thick hollow hairs reflect light to give it’s white look.

There habitat they roll in the snow or take a swim to wash themselves. They are only found in the arctic or in cold places. Polar Bears are active the first third of the day and the rest of the day the just sleep or lay around.

They eat Seals, Reindeer, Walrus, Beluga whales, Sea birds, Rodents and Water birds.

And this is why the  polar bear is my favorite animal.

The hardest part was finding the Classification on polar bears

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