Monday, March 13, 2017

fire on the port hills

                                        fire on the port hills

I'm back and i have got a story for you  here it is 

On monday afternoon  I went outside. ‘It’s as grey as a pencil out here’’ I thought to myself. I gazed at the mountains and they were as dark as could be.

The farmers were probably not surprised by the fires, because the grass had been brown and crispy dry. They had to help all of the animals on their farms. I’m sure some for the animals did not make it.

The farmers are likely thinking about rebuilding.
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it was hard to do all wow words


  1. I like the port hill story it looks cool keep it up by bailey.

  2. Hi Nevaeh it's Miss Johnstone here. This is a great story! I love the part where you have described the sky looking as grey as a pencil. You have used some wow words in here too! I wonder if you could think of a powerful ending to finish your story off.

  3. that is cool Nevaeh you rote more then me on my fire story. that is amazing. because I found it so hard to write that much on my fire story. because I find it so hard to write a lot.
    from kevin. :)

  4. i liked how you described how you glazed at the and it was and you did't want the animals to die great work Nevaeh Ethan H :)

  5. i liked how you were described the sky great work nevaeh

  6. Kiaora Nevaeh its Aryan here looking at your blog!
    I like how you put good vocabulary in here.
    Next time make it a bit longer.
    Anyways amazing post!

  7. Kia ora Nevaeh.
    I love this story that you did because it gave me some information
    and how the people felt.
    Next time can you maybe put a slide?

  8. Kia ora Nevaeh Tyler here.
    I like the way you told us how the farmers might feel.
    Next time could you write a little bit more.

  9. Ni Hao Nevaeh it's Jake here from Rimu class.
    My positive is that you've used really well wow words.
    just at the top your first bit you haven't put a capital I.

  10. Konichiwa Nevaeh.
    This is a great story love some of the descriptive words.
    Maybe next time make the paragraphs bigger other than that I love it.

  11. Bonjour,Nevaeh
    I was reading this post and I loved it the wow words in there.
    How you had empathy for the farmers how you cared about it so much.
    How did you feel?Bye.

  12. Kia ora Nevaeh it's Zoey here.
    I like how you said very descriptive words.
    Next time you could use punctuation.
    Do you wonder if all the people survived?
    Maybe next time you could re-read your story.


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