Monday, January 23, 2017

tv show that I watch

                                                        welcome to my blog

I have a slide, before I show you it let me tell you about it. Ok I have sky tv and I go on cartoon network,
 it is about adventure time. I have facts on them and the crew and my fav characters.
I have 4 slides ok I will show you the slide now                                          it was hard to find the pics for the slide😃


  1. Hello Nevaeh its Jasmine here. I like this slide well done on giving us information about these characters thanks you for sharing. Thanks for sharing

  2. Hi my name is Mala I'm your blog buddy
    I'm from Owairaka District school
    I really liked how you posted about your favourite TV show because now i know that we have somethig in comen Ps. I dont realy whach Tv but that tv show is 2 good to aviod
    and maybe next time try to add some music.
    Blog ya next time

  3. Hi Nevaeh Safiyya here Amazing We both have the same fav characters! Maybe you could add more slides and more detail!

  4. Hi Nevaeh I like adventure time to. next time spell favorite I don't like people that say fav.

  5. Bula Vinaka Nevaeh, this was really great! I really enjoyed reading this slide. I really like this show too, theses facts are very interesting.

    I have a question what is your FAVOURITE show!

  6. Hey Nevaeh, Jorja here
    I like Advetrue time to,I like your crew photo but, maby you could have said the names of your fav characters.

  7. Kiaora Nevaeh, Aryan here just checking out your blog!
    I like that before the slide you said what the tv show even was.
    Next time could you tell me the the story of the tv show so we can know more about it.
    Anyways Zai jian!

  8. Hay NAVAEH it is me sophie how longing de this thank you to do. i love it.when de you do you like what you de it is awasome.

  9. Hi Freedom here and did you know that I love Adventure Time too?

  10. Hey Nevaeh TJ here I love Adventure time it's a cartoon show I love watching it I watch it every day but. I never know that Finn was 12 finn is the best on Adventure time love your work hope I see you next time but keep it good job well done bye.

  11. Kia ora Neveah, thanks for sharing what tv show you like watching. The tv show that I like watching is good luck charlie and full house. Its a pleasure to know what you like watching. Keep it up.

  12. Buenos Diaz Nevaeh Sita here.
    Adventure Time is a really cool show aye my favorite character is Marceline.
    I like how you said some of the characters names but you should add a little bit more so the people that havent seen this show before can know all of the characters names. I also like how you told us your favorite characters as well it adds a lot more infomation!
    Keep up the FANTASTIC WORK!
    Bye! :):)::):):)


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