Monday, August 8, 2016

nevaehs mihi

Fast we wrote  tena koutiou tena koutiou tena koutiou. We searched mount cook we had  to Find are favite phor of mount cook .  waimakarai  is a rive . we love gilbthorepe . my dad was andor sporman mum sowe andor  sopr wonin 


  1. Hi Nevaeh. I was looking forward to reading some of your writing. I hope you can post an interesting blog for me to comment on!

    1. Thank you for that cool comment =]
      Yes I will do writing.

  2. Well done Nevaeh! I loved how you spaced your pictures out and how I am super women!

  3. Hi I'm Mariah From Kaniere School.I like your mihi because it shows about you in pictures. Room 2 did a mihi as well but we put it in a slide. I liked looking at your blog. It was super super great. I would love you to have a look and comment on my blog next week.

  4. Kia Ora Nevaeh, My name is Madisyn from Grey Main school.I like how you have shown a picture of your family and where you live that is lots of detail.Next time you could check your spelling mistakes.
    Heoi ano taku mo naianei
    from Madisyn

  5. Kia Ora Nevaeh
    It's Richard from Mamaku hub. I really like your Mihi it look's Miharo (amazing).
    where did you get your picture from?
    Na Richard

  6. Tena Koe Nevaeh
    I think that this is a good idea for a post. This reminded me of when I did my welcoming post talking about me and my family. You could work on your spelling and capitals other than that great job.
    What was your favorite part about this?
    Ka Pai (good work) from Jessie

  7. Hi Neveah My name is Mariah and I am from Kaniere School. I like Mihi because I love doing all of it. I like yours because It Is cool.

  8. This is really good and awsome


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