Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Learning Styles

                                      Learning Styles  

. learning styles=tests pages 

my three top ones are: number one is musical then bodily-kinesthetic Naturalistic byeeeeee


  1. kia ora Nevaeh
    You have done a good job on your blog and especially this one.
    Next time you might like to put something on your blog that says how you feel and how long it toke to do this.
    Good job keep it up.

  2. Kia ora It's Emalea.
    What is your favorite learning style?
    It looks like you are mostly musical.

  3. Kia ora Nevaeh.
    I like how you said your top three.
    Maybe next time you could say what one you like to do the most.
    Did you think of say how much percentage you got on your top three?

  4. Hi Nevaeh Milan here!
    This is the best thing ever and I think you did better than me some of them are the same as mine and that the highest one was the one I wanted. This post was really done well. I'm kind of in a rush but this post was awesome and that I think I haven't done a post of this one. Keep doing the great blog post bye.

  5. Hi Nevaeh, Tobey here.
    You must be very good at music and love it.
    Do you play any music at home.


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