Monday, May 8, 2017

counting backwards

Hi today I'm going to show you a screencastify on  counting backwards. Here it is:

It was a bit hard because sometimes when I cross the tens it's hard. Is it hard for you?


  1. Hey Nevaeh, First of all fantastic job! It is awesome to know what you were working on and to hear you doing it so well ka pai! I like the way you used an introduction in your video so I knew what you were doing! I wonder if you can do it without the numbers in the boxes in front of you? Maybe that would be a good next video! Keep up the great work! - Miss Morgan

  2. Hi Nevaeh, it is great to see that you have used screen castify to show us how you have learnt to count backwards. Well done! I think with practice you were get even better at counting across tens. Keep it up. Mrs Pam


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