Thursday, November 30, 2017

Unicorn pixel

Hi guy 2 week ago we did  pixel art  I did a Unicorn here have a look at what I have done
Next time I something  harder  
bye blog you later 


  1. Hi Neveah I think you mean Next time I will try to do something harder nice I am wondering if you can do a emoji

    1. Hi its nevaeh here that's a great idear to do I will think about it.

  2. Hi Neveah it is Siyona here
    I love you'r Unicorn pixel art because it is so cute
    blog you'r later by.

  3. Hey Nevaeh it's Kirsty here
    next time you should do a imac or try to do one
    anyway i have to go see ya

  4. Hello Nevaeh Noah here WOW I like you pixel art I think your next step is doing the side affects on the skin Good job and good luck bye KA PAI!

  5. Hi Nevaeh it is Nirvana here
    Next time you should do a minecraft skin.
    Anyway nice job. BYE

  6. Hey Nevaeh, Milan here!!!
    I think that you have done so much work on here and that I hope that you do more of these. I think that you have done a lot and that you I have done one but I need help from you. One thing is that you should tell us why you did and how you did it. I hope you are proud of what you did and I'll catch you later bye!!!

  7. Hi there my name is Manisha. I am from Waikowhai Primary School and I really like your unicorn that you made.It also kind of looks like a baby unicorn and it looks cute. Next time you could show what kind of app you did it on because I really want to try it out.Check out my blog


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