Monday, March 12, 2018


Hi  Girls and boys  I have done a recount on a dream that I had I worked on it for at lest  2 weeks on my book now I have it here on my device. here is is:

Once there was two fabulous girls walking down a glittery road that was rainbow.  We stamp into a huge since bottle that was standing up woulds. We found a ladder on the right side of the bottle.  We climbed for hour’s, then we finally reached the top. There was a diving board! We were scared but we jumped in anyway. We swam all day.
(6 hours later) Nirvana felt hungry so we got out. We nearly fell to our death… but… There was a trampoline we jumped on all fours we looked down and we yelled WE ARE UNICORNS. Since  Nirvana felt hungry we walked to the forest to eat. Because we were caving for grass? It was dark and shadowy we had to hide forever. It went all bright and I was awake. How I felt in my dream existed.

hope you like it.
Next time I want to try to be faster at writing it up in my book.

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