Monday, June 11, 2018

Unicorn are real

Unicorn are real here is my proof why they are real.
here is my work

Unicorns are real because…
Have you heard of the Noah's ark if you have not you should, because it helps you believe in Unicorns
more and the song called the Unicorn is the same as Noah’s ark. If you listen closely, you will hear that
when the other animals were boarding the ark, the unicorns were hiding and playing silly games.
This means they never escaped the flood and weren’t taken to safety with all of the other animals.

My first reason that Unicorns are real is because some scientists have found some Unicorn fossils,
so they were real because there is proof that they were real over 100 years more or less.
If you go on youtube and search up scientists finding
Unicorn fossils there is some interesting photos of Unicorn fossils and Unicorns.

My second reason is about the Siberian Unicorn. The Siberian Unicorn is to be found with one horn
so thats why its called the Siberian Unicorn. The Siberian Unicorn is like a mammoth with one horn or a
big cow with lots of wool with one horn. The last Unicorn that died was believed to be the Siberian Unicorn
so it was the last Unicorn to step foot on human land. What more proof could you want?

My last reason was that Unicorns were a legends because they are in Harry Potter and Harry Potter has got a lot of things that are that are legends
so we can only assume that they are real but of course they are legends because Harry Potter is.
So you should now believe in Unicorns.


So now do you believe me that Unicorns are real? Will you should at least.
Next I want to do it now quieter.

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